Our most popular service request is acupuncture treatments.  This is the placement of small needles in certain parts of the body to help move "qi" or vital energy to restore balance and health.



Cupping is another treatment modality that we offer either as a treatment by itself or complimented with acupuncture needles. Cupping can be a powerful method particularly in treating mucle aches and pains.



Electro-stimulation or e-stim for short is something that we offer with acupuncture to help treat certain health conditions including muscle pain and relaxation.


More About Our Products/Services

Besides pain, we also treat digestive disorders, advice and educate about nutrition and food therapy including herbs.  Our most popular treatment modality is a 30-45 minute acupuncture treatment followed by 5-10 minutes of light massage to help you relax even more.

Another option is combining acupuncture with cupping and/or electro-stimulation to increase circulation to reduce all kinds of aches and pains.

Facial Rejuvenation

We live in a fast paced world with high demands from work and family living little time to ourselves.  With eating on the run, poor nutrition choices and little time to exercise, our skin can show signs of aging and stress much faster.  With this in mind, we offer one additional service to help reduce fine lines and blemishes--facial rejuvenation, which is much safer and cheaper than Botox injections or surgery.