Acupuncture Spacing for Back Pain

Our Approach

Here at Acupuncture by Bo, we aim to help you feel better in the comforts of your own home.  Our mission and vision is to deliver safe acupuncture treatments to your door.  Our areas of focus is pain management, relaxation, facial rejuvenation, weight loss and control, insomnia, depression and much more.  We serve the San Jose, Milpitas and Fremont areas.  Call, text or email us to schedule a free 15 min consultation today.  We know life can get pretty hectic and there's not always time to set aside for some "me time" or self care.  So our aim to is help you make time for yourself by coming to you.  Our experienced team travels to you with a massage table to give you acupuncture treatments, light massage, and/or cupping.  We want you to and feel balanced and well rested.  No need to feel rushed traveling to the office for treatments.  We'll take the office to you.

Our Story

Our lead acupuncturist, Boravy "Bo" Muong-Keo has always had the vision of helping people feel better in their own home. Having experienced the struggle of juggling between family, work and starting a new career, Bo had very little time set aside for self care. As a result, mental stress set in, which let to physical stress, thus causing several health problems that needed much attention. It was during this time that she realized she needed to make time to take care of herself. She also realized it would be a lot easier if certain treatments were available at home. That's where she had the idea for making home visits available to her clients.

Meet the Team

Get to know us a bit better.  Below is a list who you can expect to help you feel better.


Boravy "Bo" Muong-Keo



Not only is Bo our lead acupuncturist, she is also a registered nurse with over ten years of experience. She enjoys helping people restore their health and to feel better. She is bilingual in Khmer, and she loves spending all her time with her three children.

Next Steps...

Experiencing any kind of pain, having problem sleeping, dealing with depression or are you wanting to just look and feel your best? Call now at our phone (408) 834-3396 to schedule a free 15 min consultation! or contact us.