How Acupuncture Treats Abdominal Pain From Overeating At Thanksgiving

The holidays are near. And there are many causes of abdominal pain or stomachaches.

Causes can range from food poisoning to eating too much or too little, trauma or injury, emotional eating, eating the wrong kinds of foods:

  • spicy
  • sugary
  • salty
  • acidic

Eat in Moderation, Too

Just like anything in life, everything must be done or in this case, eaten in moderation.

Acupuncture Spacing for Back Pain
Acupuncture Spacing for Back Pain

Abdominal pain or stomach upset can reach from mild to severe pain.

It can come in different qualities such as an ache or it can be sharp and burning.

The pain can be localized anywhere on the abdomen or it can be generalized.

In addition to pain, other accompanying symptoms can also accompany the pain, such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, distention, belching, diarrhea or constipation.

Acupuncturists Find the Pain

To address the abdominal pain, the acupuncturist will need to assess where the pain is and if there are any other accompanying symptoms.

What is an Acupuncturist? <= click to learn

There are many different approaches to treating abdominal pain. One method is placing some needles directly on the abdomen.

There could be one needle, four needles, or 12 needles inserted or even a different combination added depending on what the acupuncturist is trying to achieve for the relief of your abdominal pain and/or accompanying symptoms.

Another method is adding needles onto the arms and/or legs. There are many points in which the needles can be inserted to obtain relief of the abdominal pain. One other method is inserting needles in the head. I particularly like this method because it frees up my arms and body to do other things if I don’t have time to sit back and relax.

Some of my favorite points include the following:

Ren 12 is a point on the abdominal that’s midline on the anterior of the body and is at the midpoint between the umbilicus and xiphoid process (the little pointy bone that sticks out when you press against that’s just below the middle of the breasts). I once inserted this pointed on myself. I had overeaten so along came sharp pain and nausea. within seconds of inserting the needle in at Ren 12, I belched really loud and my symptoms were greatly relieved.

PC 6 is a point that’s about 3 inches above the wrist crease near the tendon. My husband once ate too much seafood for dinner. By bedtime he felt a lot of nausea and abdominal discomfort, I placed one needle at PC 6 on his right arm and right away he felt relief, and after 30 minutes of needle retention, his symptoms were completely gone.

Middle Jiao is actually a zone on the head that was adapted in Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture, and it represents the upper abdomen area. Needle insertion in this zone can range from one to two to three to four to six needles, depending on what the acupuncturist is trying to achieve. My brother had abdominal discomfort with severe bloating. I placed one needle in the middle Jiao zone and as soon as the needle went in, he let out a loud belch and needed to use the restroom. After 30-45 minutes of needle retention, his symptoms were completely relieved.

Acupuncture works wonders for abdominal pain. Please consider it next time you have any abdominal symptoms. The holidays are here. It’s hard to avoid not eating when we’re gathered around friends and family with good food. Just know you have options to help you feel better, faster.

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