Our most popular service request is acupuncture treatments.  This is the placement of small needles in certain parts of the body to help move "qi" or vital energy to restore balance and health.

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Cupping is another treatment modality that we offer either as a treatment by itself or complimented with acupuncture needles. Cupping can be a powerful method particularly in treating mucle aches and pains.

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Electro-stimulation or e-stim for short is something that we offer with acupuncture to help treat certain health conditions including muscle pain and relaxation

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Our Goal: Helping You Feel Better At Home

Worried you won't have time to take care of yourself? No problem, because here at Acupuncture by Bo, we aim to deliver quality acupuncture treatments in the comforts of your home.  We take our massage table right to your door.  Our services include acupuncture, cupping, e-stim, moxa, and light massage.

We treat acute and chronic pain, insomnia, depression, fatigue, stress management and facial rejuvenation.  Whether you have back pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel's, tennis elbow, headaches, feeling stress, having problems sleeping, or just wanting to relax and unwind.  We can help.  Our goal to is help restore health and balance to your body so that you can feel whole again.

We offer convenient ways to pay as we accept all major credits including FSA/HSA and Apple pay.


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